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On the edge of everywhere 

The Town of Yarmouth positions itself “on the edge of everywhere”, at the south-western tip of Nova Scotia. Yarmouth asked Form:Media to unify wayfinding and signage for the entire town, integrating their newly implemented brand with signs for visitors and residents, including: directional signs, urban trail signs, information kiosks, signs to help guests self-guide around the historic houses district, and banners to make the streetscape more colourful.

In an effort to reduce sign clutter, not only did the program include the implementation of a new system, but also included a 'designing' campaign to remove outdated and redundant signs. Thirteen sign types were located at over 200 positions in the town and were installed the Summer and Fall of 2016.




brand, branded wayfinding


    Town of Yarmouth




    Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


    $ 58,000 (design)
    $ 171,000 (fabrication/installation)