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A lookout structure at Square pond provides a destination at the North gateway site.

Framing the view

Terra Nova is bisected by the Trans Canada highway drivers currently enter the park with little fanfare. Ekistics was commissioned by Terra Nova National Park to develop concepts to revitalize the existing park entrance points to create a sense of arrival. The design for each entrance builds on the concept of ‘the frame’; using landscape design, architecture and interpretive features to set up a curated series of thresholds and views which begin before the visitor even exits their vehicle. Once on foot, the visitor is greeted by a view framed by the architecture itself.

Following the schematic design in phase 1, the trail design was determined on-site and utilizes existing topography and clear areas and is designed to limit grade changes and tree removal, switchbacks are used to minimize grading while keeping the trail accessible and the use of local materials minimizes the impact on the forest. Detailed design drawings were submitted in 2 phases at 66% and 100%, cost estimates presented with the submissions. A tender package including all details and technical specification were also included.


2016 - design
2017 - construction


landscape architecture, architecture, interpretive, & wayfinding


    Terra Nova National Park, Parks Canada



    Terra Nova, Newfoundland