A spirit of place is at the heart of all successful landscape architecture and urban planning projects. Every exceptional site design starts with a thorough understanding of the context of place including socio-economic conditions, the ecological setting, the site’s political context, its history and the needs of the client. At Ekistics, our work ranges from the design of an entire region to the design of small urban parks or playgrounds, and everything in between. We are experts at bringing together multiple disciplines to realize innovative designs that function, inspire, and delight; but most importantly, that reflect the unique sense of place for each project.

landscape Architecture

Engineering is a largely invisible profession, though it plays an essential role in practically everything we do–from drinking a glass of tap water, to safely driving to the airport and flying across the world, to constructing amazing buildings. Engineering is everywhere, yet rarely do you ever have to think about the science in our daily lives. That is the mark of good engineering solutions. At Ekistics, we apply the art of engineering to create solutions.