Narrow sandwich-board signs welcome the public to the farm.

Narrow sandwich-board signs welcome the public to the farm.

A community-built vision of urban agriculture

The urban farm at Halifax's centre wanted to be more visible to the wider city: to make the expansive green space welcoming and public. The society needed to do a lot with a little, having big ideas and a strong volunteer corps, but only a small budget to fabricate signs.

Form:Media attacked the brief, looking for materials and structures that would catch the eye, but be simple to build and easy to take care of.

A set of sandwich-board signs at different sizes provides all the functions of a sign-system: wayfinding and marketing at the sidewalk, promotion at the street, and interpretation at the farm's centre. The signs were designed to communicate at a human scale at close quarters, but to act as beacons at a distance, calling people onto the farm to enjoy the space (and the produce).


installed 2016


wayfinding, sign design


    Common Roots Urban Farm

    Jayme Melrose



    Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Budget: $8000 (design), $5500 (fabrication)

    Timeframe: 2016

    We got fantastic signs through Form:Media—so helpful. The design process was efficient and fun. The final signs are stylish and functional. They helped us the whole the way, making sure we found good manufacturers, installed them precisely, and were helpful with all the silly questions.
    We struggled for years to make signs: signs are so important, include so many details, are the gestalt of the organization. Thanks to Form:Media we now have big sexy signs that work!
    — Jayme Melrose

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