At the heart of every community—fellowship with others or a place—is the inspiration to create a better world. We call this placemaking, and we inspire people to collectively reimagine and reinvent space. From rural environments to urban, from the built environment to natural settings, we work with public and private organizations to plan, design, and brand space. We believe the creation of quality environments contributes to people’s health, happiness, and well being, thus their sense of place.

We are strategists and designers. We do work for community and infrastructureculture and heritage, and for recreation and leisure sectors.

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We are Ekistics Planning & Design and Form:Media. We collaborate with people—clients, colleagues, subject matter experts—to wholly understand a problem in order to develop a solution. We help communities,  organizations, and businesses better understand the environment in which they operate, and work with them to plan and develop solutions. We are strategists and we are designers. 


Landscape Architecture

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